Kick The Habit With All Natural Ways To Quit Smoking


dreamstime_m_8427936 (1)To stop smoking naturally, there are quite a few options. It’s good to get this underway quickly before the smoking does any more damage to the body. Lots of people each year lose their lives to smoking.

One way to quit naturally would be to go cold turkey. This is terribly difficult for most people because of the cravings and withdrawal effects. It will make some people angry, nervous, and they end up thinking nonstop about getting another cigarette or some form of nicotine. If a person can’t control the cravings, he or she will go right back to smoking.

Hypnosis is a great tool for some that wish to quit. If the smoker fully believes this will work, then there is a better chance for success. The hypnotist feeds your subconscious mind with suggestions that smoking will make you ill and other negative connotations involved with smoking. This has worked for some people.

Lime juice is another natural remedy that can be used to help with cravings much like nicotine gum does. Besides diminishing the cravings, there are chemicals in this that can alkalize the tissues in the body which can contain a lot of acid due to tobacco use. It can help with microbes in the body and it has a host of other great benefits in other areas of health. Anything that helps to counter the ill-effects that smoking has done to a body is a fantastic extra benefit to the body.

Try eating or chewing on some sugar-free candy or gum whenever a craving hits. Very often, a person just needs something to keep their mouth busy since they need to replace the oral habit of smoking with something else. It can be much easier to quit eating candy or chewing gum over smoking, but you must be aware of the damage that candies can have on your oral health. Make sure that you see a dentist for regular check-ups to be sure you aren’t developing any cavities. Eating something healthy like carrot sticks or celery sticks could be your best defense against damaging your teeth or gaining weight.


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Find a way to distract yourself when the cravings hit. If you are able, go for a walk or do some exercising when you get the urge to smoke. This will help your health and prevent you from picking up a cigarette. Be sure to stay away from foods and drinks that make you want to reach for a cigarette. If you are in the habit of a coffee and cigarette, it may be in your best interest to forego the coffee until the cravings and withdrawal symptoms weaken.

It is better to stop smoking naturally because you could add years to your life. In the end, it’s all about getting the knowledge on what to do and then, finding the courage to give it a try. The destructive nature of smoking can be defeated as long as you have right information to arm yourself with!